Polish Catering – Springfield MA

For authentic, soul warming Polish Catering in the greater Springfield area, choose the best: choose Belvedere of East Windsor. Belvedere is the region's finest authentic Polish delicatessan. We have been a local specialty foods company in East Windsor since 2004. We are a regional favorite for Polish sandwiches and hearty hot lunch and dinner specials prepared on site at our Prospect Hill Road store. Our Polish Deli is warm, welcoming, and is a favorite area location for Polish ethnic foods. Ta

Polish Catering – Hartford CT

Belvedere of East Windsor is the premier Polish Catering company in the region. As the region's largest Polish Delicatessen in greater Hartford, we prepare and deliver our prepared food products and meals throughout the state of Connecticut. We offer professional catering for all occasions, featuring wonderful Polish staples. Our sandwich meats include the finest liverwurst, sausage, salami, smoked turkey, ham and kielbasas. Share the Love with authentic Polish favorites from our delicious en